When should I book in for my session?

  • Today, do not delay.

When is the best time to have my Newborn photographed?

  • The best time is day 5 after birth up to day 8, having it done before day 10 will help you with the best opportunity for some lovely sleepy images.


Can I have my Newborn circumcised before the session?

  • No, do not have your Newborn circumcised before your session, Newborns that are uncomfortable do not photograph well.

What happens if my baby becomes unwell before and up to the time of my session?

  •  Life sometimes happens that way and we cannot avoid these things, what we will do is reschedule as this prevents cross infection and helps your baby recover better and quicker.
  • If I arrive at your home and your baby is sick, the session will be immediately cancelled and there will be a cancellation fee, that you will be expected to pay.
  • Please note that there is NO cancellation fee, if you alert us as soon as you are aware that you or your baby is unwell, prior to your photographic event.

What happens after my session?

  • About 3-4 weeks after your session, we will email you with a password for your private online proofing gallery, this is where you will be able to select the images you love.
  • The online proofing gallery will remain active for 14 days, after this it will be archived and closed, if the proofing gallery needs to be un-archived and re-opened there will be a fee of $45.00 and will be opened for an additional 7 days.
  • Once full payment is received for your products, we will then place your order with our suppliers; products can take up to 8 weeks for delivery, due to being handcrafted, which always takes a little more time and well worth the wait.